Friday, September 8, 1995

What can I do to loose belly fat?

I want to be skinner and loose my belly fat. Like when I was 10 I had like none and now I'm 17. But I want to loose the fat. So what can I do? On Monday I am going to Europe and we will be walking around a lot as soon as we get off the plane. When I'm at school I have gym class so we do sports and stuff. And If I have to diet it's not really a problem cuz I'm usually not hungry until supper. So if i have to I could easily get off with just eating supper. So what kind of excersies can I do to get skinner and how long will it take?

Answer on What can I do to loose belly fat?

the only real proven way to lose weight is hard work! that means a healthy diet, small portion sizes, and a solid work out routine. i suggest starting with food swaps :) instead of a sandwich, have a low calorie mild flavored fish like mahi mahi or tilapia with mango salsa or fresh squeezed lemon on top. it's delicious! not to mention stuff like carrots and hummus instead of chips and dip or egg whites with veggies/turkey pepperoni instead of the real stuff (14 slices = 70 calories) will save you a lot of calories. roasted chick peas will change your life, look up a recipe. you'll love me for it! buttered popcorn flavored rice cakes topped with salsa is only 35 calories, or spinach with some laughing cow light swiss cheese mixed in is under 100 calories, creamy and delicious! if you begin to eat healthy and work out, you'll be golden. start to run around your neighborhood, the pounds will drop. it's also free and totally addicting :) i know it sucks at first, but it becomes worth it. ask anyone who runs.