Monday, September 4, 1995

Weight loss question???????!!!!!!!! Advice pleassee?

Hi everyone!
I am 5'7 tall and about 115lbs. I try to eat healthy and exercise a few times a week. BUT even though i'm not "fat" I don't look thin and fit like I want to! Even when I lose weight it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. Anyone have the same problem or have any suggestions?
No rude comments please..thanks!!

Answer on Weight loss question???????!!!!!!!! Advice pleassee?

I lost a ton of fat weight by moving to a pure vegetarian diet. For body toning, I use free weights. It takes about 7 times the calories to build a pound of muscle as it does fat. I'd rather have one pound of slimming long muscle that seven pounds of fat. Wouldn't you?

"Body for Life" has excellent exercises, but the dietary recommendations are simply wrong.

I eat leafy green vegetables (kale, collards, spinach), legumes, and whole grains are the best source of protein. I also eat fruit, flax seed (Omega-3), B12, and extra doses of D3 when I don't get enough sunshine.