Thursday, August 17, 1995

What do you think of a girl like me? fun, boring, of fake?

I love sports. I get the "tomboy" name most of the times, and I am not bothered by it at all....I enjoy every X game out there!
I love cars and bikes....I don't know how to put the tools in properly when it comes to "fixing" the problems, but I am looking forward into learning more every day of my life....I love them cars
I love belly dancing..shakira inspires me and besides it is a great workout...
I like staying fit and toned...I lift weights every other day, but I run, jogg, climb, and race every freakin' day! wooo-hoo!
I enjoy making people I do stand-up comedy every other day....
I am into fashion..but get this I WILL NEVER take my sweet boyfriend to the mall to "shop" (bo-ring...for him at least....)
I love Ice I can't get enough of that.. or burgers!
I work at taco bell, I am the "Customers Maniac" and the best looking....(not to bragg..and I love y' taco bell peeps!
I was born in Florence, Italy. Love to cook and I am and outdoorsy girl!

Answer on What do you think of a girl like me? fun, boring, of fake?

The guys in my office think you would be high maintenance!
After all what would they bring to the relationship...
All but one thought you sounded like his ideal woman, but then by his own admission he said he was gay and useless.