Wednesday, July 5, 1995

Europe vacation????????????????????

Okay, I really want to go to a vacation to europe, I have 10,000 dollars saved up and i want to visit the following places


How long do you think i can stay and where will 10,000 dollars get me, also i have a green card, do i need to get a visa first????

Answer on Europe vacation????????????????????

You did not state your citizenship, since that's what determines whether you will need to get a visa first. The U.S: Green Card does not count in Europe, only your nationality counts. To travel to your listed countries you will need to get two visa, if required. One to visit the United Kingdom and another one (Schengen visa) to visit France, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

Countries whose citizen need a U.K. visa:… ..

Countries whose citizen need a Schengen visa [all Schengen countries use a common list]:… ..

If you need a visa for the United Kingdom you must fill the application form online, pay the fee online, and obtain an appointment to have your fingerprints and biometrics taken online. Afterwards you will need to mail your application package to one of the three U.K. consulates which have an U.K. Border Agency attached and decide about visa applications.… ..

Where to apply for the Schengen visa depends upon your main destination. You need to adress it to the country in which you plan to stay the longest time. Should you plan to stay equally in all countries it will be the first Schengen country you plan to visit where you have to apply for the visa.
All of the the four Schengen countries have several Consulates Generals in the Unites States; where to apply for depends on your place of residence since you can only apply at the Consulate covering your state.

France:… ..
Greece:… ..
Italy:… .. ..
Spain:… ..