Monday, June 19, 1995

Visiting Italy in the Spring.?

I am visiting Italy in the spring and i am wanting personal opinions on what sites are really "must see"!

I will be visiting the following cities: Milan 3 days, Verona for a day trip on the way to Venice, Venice for 3 days, Florence for 3 days [[planning on visiting pisa and siena]], Rome for 3 days, and i have 3 days open still im thinking bologna or Naples/Pompei.

So anyone who has visited/lived any of those cities if you have any tips on what to see where to eat, advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Answer on Visiting Italy in the Spring.?

for the 3 days open I recommend you Naples, you can visit Pompei but also Capri and Amalfi or Sorrento or Caserta