Sunday, May 28, 1995

Glutin, Is it okay when dieting, or not?

I am on Weight Watchers, and have found a wheat recipe that is delicious, but it has glutin in it. I know the buzz is glutin is not good in a diet, but I can't find out why....What is the big bad news on glutin?

Answer on Glutin, Is it okay when dieting, or not?

The new buzz is that it's the underlying cause of all bad feelings, headache, tiredness, weight gain, aches and pains, tummy troubles, blah blah you get the idea.

And it is, IF you are sensitive or allergic to gluten. Which only a doctor can tell you, via testing. But some people like to self-diagnose these things.

If you're not sensitive or allergic, then gluten is just fine.