Friday, April 21, 1995

What to do when hair stops growing.?

My hair has just stopped growing! I know this because 5 months ago is was short to the poing of the tips of my ears showing and five months later they still show. My goal is to get long bra length hair, to do so I have tried everything, I take huge vitamins everyday, drink eight bottled waters a day, have totally eliminated soda, tea, coffee and sweets from my diet, and I eat at at least 3 very good meals a day, and it still wont grow, I have asked other people and they say that they thought I have been cutting it because it has remained the same length that it was 5 months ago, I have not been cutting it and I cant understand why it wont grow, I never color it, flat iron, or blow dry it. Is this some sort of genetic condition? Every girl that I see in my school gets like 4 inches of hair growth in 5 months and I get zero, does anybody know what this could be? Maybe a thyroid promblem? Everybody says its hair it will grow back, but it is definately not growing even an inch.
If you have any idea what this could be Please let me know.
Thanks a Bunch.

Answer on What to do when hair stops growing.?

Even if you're not doing things to damage your hair, you still need to do things to keep it healthy, like regular deep conditioning and protein treatments. It sounds like your hair might be breaking off. It's not going to get longer if it's constantly breaking off. It might not be breaking off in noticeable globs, but it can be breaking off in little pieces over time, and the next thing you know, your hair is still the same length because of all the breakage. Check your surroundings to see if you see hair that has fallen out. Check your comb and brush to see if there is a lot of hair between the bristles/teeth. If you have split ends, make sure you get them trimmed because they will break off your hair. Also, if you're trimming your hair too much or too often then that can cut into your growth.

You would have to have a medical condition or on some kind of strong medicine (like chemo) to stop your hair from growing from your scalp. Your hair breaks off at the ends, so you have to be very careful and take care of your ends because they can become very dry and break; they are the oldest part of your hair and the most fragile.

One more thing, were you flat ironing nearly every day about 5 months ago? If you're just now starting to take care of your hair then you need to let the damage grow out. Your hair won't heal overnight, and if your hair is badly damaged, it can take over a year to start getting healthy again. Practicing healthy hair techniques for only a few months does not eliminate years of damage, so make sure you hold realistic expectations of your hair. I used to have hair that wouldn't grow past a certain point either, but that's because my hair was constantly breaking off from all the damage. Like you, I cut my hair to less than 1 inch in 2008, and 14 months later it was shoulder-length. Now, its past my shoulders about 1 1/2 years later. This is because I've taken good care of my hair since cutting off all the damaged hair. I don't do anything to my hair, and I don't wash it everyday either (my hair is super curly and will tangle and dry out if I do that). Doing nothing to my hair has helped it grow; I don't use any kind of heat, and only comb/brush it when I wash it; my hair is fragile and can easily break if I do too much brushing/combing/styling. If your hair has been longer than it is right now, then it obviously can grow longer. You have to get to the root of why it's not getting longer, which could be it's breaking off.

Do as little manipulation to your hair as you can. On average, your hair should grow about 1/2 inch per month. Take pictures of your hair every month and compare those pictures to see what your hair growth is like. Also, measure your hair with a ruler every two weeks to get exact measurements for your hair growth.

You have two choices: See a doctor, because it could be a sign that you're ill, or you'll have to divulge everything that you're doing (or not doing) to your hair. Find some hair boards and see what they do to keep their hair healthy and long.