Wednesday, March 22, 1995

Biology pre taks questions?

This isnt home work this is preparations for upcoming taks.

100. Sand spinifex grass is adapted to growing on sand dunes. It is a rapidly spreading plant and the creeping runners produce new root systems. Which of these best explains the benefits of these features?

A. It protects the plant from predators.

B. It provides support by anchoring the plant.

C. It allows the plant to tolerate salt.

D. It limits water loss through the leaves.

97. Producers are autotrophic. That is, they are able to feed themselves by converting carbon dioxide from the air and light energy from the Sun into food.

Consumers and decomposers are heterotrophic. This means that these organisms must obtain their food by eating other organisms or organic matter.

The relationships among producers, consumers, and decomposers carrying out either autotrophic or heterotrophic nutrition are identified through

A. feedback mechanisms.

B. Punnett squares.

C. food webs.

D. the periodic table.

96.If you place 20 grams of helium at room temperature into a closed container that holds 8 ounces and then later transfer the helium into a 16 ounce closed container, which of the gas' properties will change?

A. density

B. mass

C. weight

D. viscosity

93. One of the main characteristics of living things is that living things are able to reproduce. Viruses are also able to reproduce, but only by using the reproductive mechanisms of what?


B. a host cell

C. binary fission


Answer on Biology pre taks questions?

93. B
96. A
97. C
100. I'd say B