Saturday, March 18, 1995

Who likes these countrys?

germany, u.s.a, poland,england,russia,mexico,brazil,cost… rica,spain,france,italy or sweeden

Answer on Who likes these countrys?

well i preffer Brazil,Spain and Italy

Who is a better rapper/ group / ect?

Jay z vs Kanye
Lil Wayne vs Drake
Snoop Dogg vs Ice Cube
Rangers vs New boys
Soulja Boy vs Juelz Santana
The Whopper vs The Big Mac vs 5 buck box(taco bell)

Answer on Who is a better rapper/ group / ect?

Jay cuz he's been in the game longer
Drake cuz he's a lyrical genious and i luv him :)
Snoop cuz he's Snoop
New Boys cuz they rock skinnies and theyre so dope Lol
Soulja Boy cuz he has good beats even though he sucks at rappin
The Whopper cuz its flame grilled nuff said
Subway cuz 5, 5 dollar foot long!