Monday, February 6, 1995

ITALY in 3 weeks. what makeup and clothes to take ?

Im off to Italy in 2 weeks with the school. Were staying in Lido Di Jesolo wich is close to Venice.
The reason i am doing this question is because i have to clue what clothes to take and what makeup to take and how to style my hair whilst i am there. This is me to give you an idea of how i look.. Blonde hair + hazel eyes.…

if you have any ideas i will be very gratefull.
thank you :) xx

Answer on ITALY in 3 weeks. what makeup and clothes to take ?

Lucky girl...I LOVE italy, last time i was there i was like 12, time to go back, anywayz, its hot there...very hot. take breezy clothes, mostly skirts, but take 1-2 warmer clothes in case it gets a little chilly, c whenever plp ask what makeup to take nd how to style ur hair, what does it matter ?

r u tryin to snap u an italian guy or u just wanna look specially good for those gorgeous guys or just look good in general ? :P anyways, i think go light w the makeup, ur very pretty so dont hide it w makeup, and straight or curly hair would look good on ya