Wednesday, February 1, 1995

Why do you think I just binged right now?

Ok im trying to recovery from binge eating, and im getting sooo sick of being good one day, bad the next! Today for breakfast i had a big bowl of cerial - fiber cerial with fruit. Went to the gym. Then planed to have just a chicken salad, as i was waitng (forever) for my stupid oven to turn on, i was cravingg fat and sugary foods. (cookies mainly) and my house is full of junk food thanks to my mom, and i was soo tempted to just have a couple or a bitee while waiting, but i didnt. i was strong! BUT then finaly my salad was ready, i told myself after eating the salad i can have just a couple cookies. I ate a smaaall portion of the salad very quickly , then PIGED OUT on mini oreos, iceing, & grahm cracker cookies. WHYYY!? lol i told myself that im not on a diet and i can eat w.e i want so i shouldnt feel deprived and eat like that ever..or maby its just still in my head that its a once in a lifetime chance for me to eat those foods.. or just too big a craving? idk buttt i wanna know what YOU think. (my thinkings obviously not right...)

and ps: I am PMSing, and yes i told my mom to stop buying junk

Answer on Why do you think I just binged right now?

if this is happenning often or your overweight see a doctor NOW!
otherwise its just PMS, everybody goes on a junk food rampage once
in a while. if your going to the gym and dont binge like this to often
it wont hurt you