Saturday, January 14, 1995

If I tone my muscles with I get thin?

I know it sounds like a weird question but I have a fear of getting bulky

I'm 16 I weigh 54kgs (119lbs) Im not sure of how tall I am, everyone says im really tall maybe about 160-70 cm's im probably way off! haha lets just say im pretty tall :S Im not fat im just really flabby and I would like to thigten my body up

My work out is dance, jumping jacks, sit ups, and jumping on the trampoline ;) and I have a healthy diet of course :P

So I was wondering if I tone my muscles will I get a thin thighs and thigh gap or will my legs get big and muscular? And will i get a small flat stomach or bulky and muscular? :/

Answer on If I tone my muscles with I get thin?

your doing to get thin by doing aerobic exercise like walking, jogging OR running or swimming. Eat a healthy diet and exercise (walk) and you will get thin. Then after walking for 30-60 minutes, do your work out which is jumping jacks, situps and jumping on the trampoline. ANd you will not get bulky. You wil lose the flab (fat) and gain nice muscle.