Sunday, December 4, 1994

My ex just followed me on Twitter; do I follow back or ignore/block?

I broke up with this one about 5 months ago. Then soon after they just blocked me from all the social networking platforms we were connected on. Like we if we were in middle school or something. I thought it was very immature. All communication between us stopped after that. And now they are following me on Twitter. After 5 months of silence. What the hell am I supposed to do? I know I really wouldn't have cared if this person didn't speak to me for the rest of my life, either way. It's just really awkward now to see them on my Twitter Followers. (The Internet just seems to add a whole new level of complexities to the realm of human interaction; it's annoying.)

Answer on My ex just followed me on Twitter; do I follow back or ignore/block?

They're just being a bit nosy about your life and how you're moving on. To keep your paranoia down, ignore them. You're right about the internet adding new levels to dating in particular. Some people are overly focused on it. Don't be one of them. They aren't in your life anymore, so consider them still gone.

Advice Please!! (help for a friend who smokes)?

There's this girl at my school who occasionally smokes, drinks, and pops pills. She has told me before about how she has gotten drunk and high, but I had never seen her intoxicated. Today (4/20) she came in late and she was high. I have been trying to reach out to her and make her realize that doing all this stuff she's doing is bad before she gets addicted. I know that just telling her "weed is bad" isn't going to do anything. Any advice (or prayers if you are religious) on how to help her before she becomes addicted would be great! Thanks in advance!

Answer on Advice Please!! (help for a friend who smokes)?

One of the most important things you can learn in your life is to NEVER help or try to help someone with their addictions. You cannot and should not change someone else's behavior, you are only responsible for your own. Stay out of it.