Wednesday, November 16, 1994

Should I change the way I'm eating? 10 points?

11am: bread, rice, meat/veggies (small plate)
light jogging from 11:40-12
2:45pm: a banana and an orange
6:30pm: bread, meat/veggies (small plate)
7:30pm: 15 pieces of grapes
7:40pm: 4 meatballs w/ rice (small plate)

I am on a diet and I want to know if how I'm eating is okay or not. Is this considered as 3 meals or 5? Is 20 minutes of light jogging 4-5x per week okay or should I do more? Is it okay to eat dinner an hour after I eat lunch? Please help me. I don't want to fail on this diet..I'm trying my best.. :] 10 points thank u.

Answer on Should I change the way I'm eating? 10 points?

I am forever being told to stay away from bread because its a carb although i don't LOL but maybe cut that out of your diet, it looks like you're getting plenty of protein, i don't see any dairy, i know some dairy is high in fat but it also has other nutrients like calcium, so you should probably add a small amount of dairy like yoghurt. Otherwise it looks good, i don't jog but twenty minutes sounds okay, i dance which is a lot more fun and can do for hours, so i think you should add another exercise, maybe ride a bike for half an hour or something.

One more thing though, all this food sounds rather bland, if you really like that food carry on but if you don't you'll find it hard to stick to, you should make your meals appealing so that you don't get bored and quit.

Hope i helped a little