Monday, October 17, 1994

Weight loss after acl surgery?

I had surgery on my acl and miniscus about 5 wks ago. im 13 yrs old, and i have lost 9 pounds since before the surgery. I was very thin to begin with. Im not sure if this is because my leg has lost alot of muscle and has shrunk dramatically, or if its because im just losing weight in general. Ill admit i havent been eating as much, but thts because i havent been as active. I also heard that muscle weights more than fat, so maybe im just not as in shape anymore. I kinda doubt that tho, ive been doing intnese weight training for my arms, stomach, shoulders, back, everything but my right leg (the one i still cant put any weight on). I just have no idea why im losing weight...does anyone hav any ideas? did this happen to an?one else?

Answer on Weight loss after acl surgery?

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