Monday, October 3, 1994

Coffee during the day?

i only drink coffee during the day in replacment for food, and i eat a healthy dinner at night, but i am still not losing any weight. i was on weight watchers for 3 months prior to my new diet choices, and didn't lose and weight. i am at 125 right now and i want to be at 111-115 any suggestions??? also i go for a run and do abs every day so i have the exercise thing covered....
but any tips would be nice:)

Answer on Coffee during the day?

Not all diets work, well at least MOST of them don't. Losing weight is also good, but you should be cautious about it. The reason why your not losing as much weight as you'd think, is because you're building muscle tone from the running and ab work outs. And good for you exercising :). You should give it time to lose weight. Also, coffee during the day probably isn't a good idea since your sugar levels are different throughout the day.