Friday, September 16, 1994

I want to lose!?

Ok well I'm 13 and I weight 163 I no that's huge to some people and I'm not exactly fat looking I'm 5'3 and I wanna lose weight before school plleeese help me can u give me a good diet plan and workout plan I want to lose like 40 pounds over the next couple months but before school like 15? Pleeese help me I can't take it any longer I want to wear a bikini haha

Answer on I want to lose!?

Hi. So I'm trying to lose weight for gymnastics in the fall and this is what I have been doing for my workout..
50 tucks and hollows (tuck- lay on the ground with your hands under your butt, head on the ground and keep your legs straight and lift them. hollow- lay on the ground with your hands under you butt bending your knees at a 90 degree angle and life without moving your head)
40 side crunches (on each side) ( lay with knees to one side and do a crunch)
50 v ups

50 frog jumps
50 close hand pushups
25 clap ups

I've been doing this for two weeks and I'm seeing some serious results. Oh and added to that you might want to do some stretches!
Hope I helped :)