Wednesday, September 14, 1994

How can I train my aggressive breed without being abusive?

No I don;t hit my dog. I love my dog very much but he attacks the door if anyone knocks and won;t listen to me if I call him over. On walks he will try to capture tiny dogs in his mouth that are running around the streets.
I leash my dog. What can I do hes an escape artist so walking him is tough he broke the shoulder chest harnice and broke a window once. He alos knows how to open doors that are unlocked.

I canafford a pro trainer any tips? So yeah I'll pick him up or toss him asside or yell very loud at him but hes been acting afraid of me lately and I dont like that.
I lost my temper because the mail man complains about my dog now. I also dont want my dog attacking liek that. So how can I make him learn and teach but not be angry about it?
He comes if I bribe him with a treat or sits and drolls over on command but yells at me first.

Answer on How can I train my aggressive breed without being abusive?

You can find classes online for aggresive dogs. It helps them learn that other dogs are ok, they still may not be the most "social" but it will help avoid problems like that. It also will help teach you how to react in a situation like that and how to control him.