Thursday, September 1, 1994

Emporio Armani ? - Please Help ?

Hello, my name is Matthew Higgs, I'm 13 and I live in the United Kingdom. I was looking around the internet for some new clothes and I came upon an 'Emporio Armani Zip Up Hoodie #33', in the description it says "This white Armani Jeans Zip Up Hoodie was fashioned in Italy in 100%-cotton."

In my opinion this is the best looking hoodie around, however, I would have to ship it all the way from Milan, Italy and it will cost me $126.65US/83.3787GBP. I understand Emporio Armani is not cheap but I was just wondering if I could get a real, authentic one any cheaper anywhere else? If not where could I get a realistic knock off version?

Thanks - Matthew Higgs.

Answer on Emporio Armani ? - Please Help ?

Buddy, Dolce Fugo is a website selling FAKE designer clothing. They arent even based in Milan like they say. My friend bought off their website and the charge to his credit card originated from somewhere in Canada. If you look at some of their clothes you'll notice they all have the same brown shades as each other and look roughly similar. That and you will never find an Emporio Armani hoodie for $126. I dont think Emporio have ever even released a hoodie - they're too ugly and white-trash style. And the fact that the clothes are covered in 'ARMANI' is also a dead giveaway. No authentic Armani has his name splashed all over it. Armani is a subtle designer where the god is in the details. Dont buy from DolceFugo mate trust me its not worth buying from these lying thieves.