Wednesday, August 31, 1994

How to get a crackhead arrested for smoking crack?

A family member of mine is out of control and has been for years! They smoke crack, they prostitute and their attitude is outrageous! The reason I haven't done anything before is because I think it will be hard to prove shes a prostitute since she doesn't stand on the cornor. They call her for sex and they give her money. What can I do?

Answer on How to get a crackhead arrested for smoking crack?

Well crack isn't like marijuana where usually an officer seeing smoke marijuana wont really care as much. But with crack/cocaine they will usually arrest on site and probably site a small possessions charge. As for the prostitution there really is no way to prove unless there is an actual witness to money changing hands because then it become here-say. So if you are really attempting to get her caught in her legal troubles. Possession of crack would be the one that would stick.