Wednesday, August 17, 1994

How much money is enough?

I am going to Italy and France (Paris of course) How much American money will I need to enjoy myself.? And I don't mean Shopping. Attraction thing like that! Also any advice I never been the Europe before.

Answer on How much money is enough?

First of all I wouldn't carry a lot of cash on you. Do the travellers check thing and credit cards are good too. In Italy especially near the tourist spots there are lot of gypsies. My aunts almost got mugged there when they were in Rome. They know who the tourists are and they are often singled out by these gypsies. They will steal your purse or wallet right out from under you or lift up you skirt. Rome is just filled with these people so be careful. France is not so bad. Second don't go anywhere alone especially in Italy. Always go with someone. I hope this helps. Italy is beautiful but, there are a lot of people there who are dying to ruin your vacation by robbing you blind. You can get travellers checks at your bank. OK, have fun and I hope this info helps.