Wednesday, August 10, 1994

Can somebody please help me with WW2, i have no idea what to say?

So, for my world history final, my teacher wants us to explain why the Allied powers won WW2.

He wants us to talk about both the war against Germany and Italy in Europe and North American
and ALSO
the Pacific War against Japan

I need to tlak about resources, technology, and populations that gave the US, USSR and Britian the advantage

Answer on Can somebody please help me with WW2, i have no idea what to say?

1.) The United States industrial might allowed for rapid production of war goods, plus the availabilty of young men for the war effort helped turn the tide.
2.) The German High Command were limited by Hitler's vision for the war. This can be shown clearly on D- Day... Hitler slept while the Allies stormed the beaches.
3.) Hitler's invasion of Russia and subsequent failure opened two main battle fronts. Had Hitler convince the Japanese to invade Russia simaltaneously, the war may have taken a different turn.
4.) Hitler's failure to invade and secure England allowed a nearby staging area for Allied planes and troops.
5.) The Japanese failed to follow up its victory at Pearl Harbor.
6.) The Japanese failed to take Australia which would have help secure the Pacific and would have provided much needed resources for their war effort.
7.) Germany lost the race to develop much needed state of the art weapons including the atomic bomb. Germany was close, towards the end of the war they had new battle jets and other new equipment in production.