Monday, May 16, 1994

Has anyone noticed this meme in the pseudo-intellectual community?

A while back I noticed that in magazines like The Atlantic and The New Yorker they would praise celebrities generally not regarded as intelligent as if they were geniuses in their own right in some BS attempt at being counter-culture. The most notable example of this was an article in The New Yorker covering Paris Hilton in which she was praised as a marketing wizard for her ability to sell her "brand". This was one of the more revolting pieces of pretentious dreck I had the misfortune to read. Just a few months ago I was leafing through The Atlantic and came across a similar article extolling Lady Gaga for the sophomoric philosophical undertones of her schtick (y'know that fame monster crap). Another notable example was an online article about Justin Bieber (the kid who didn't know what "German" meant) insisting he had artistic integrity. I dunno I just noticed a pattern here and wondered if anyone else noticed...

Answer on Has anyone noticed this meme in the pseudo-intellectual community? does....The Atlantic and The New Yorker...have to do with intellect

and ...HHHHhhhhhmmmm?.....Perhaps ......Our whole concept of

"Intellectual Community"...... is a "meme"

hero/celebrity worship another

and promotion of them for creditability another.............AND

The Atlantic and The New Yorker...AND THE LIKE

a vehicle to spread them all

As far as spreading...."memes"......the word is new

the pattern of spreading them is thousands of years old

What was the first book published and promoted?.......Hhhhmmm again?