Wednesday, May 4, 1994

Whats the best thing i could feed my 7 mos old puppy?

Well i want to get a list or info on the best expensive and cheapest dry and canned dog food products, home made dog food recipes made with organic, pure natural ingredients like meat, grain, vegetables and fruits, or things that i could add to my puppy's dog food that would give him the premium nutrition he needs on a daily basis and boost his interest in meal time. He's a bully breed pit mix so you guys can list any foods his breed class particularly likes. I'm currently feeding him a half and half mix of PEDIGREE canned and dry dog food but i feel this brand may not be giving him the optimal nutritional and taste value he requires and wants because he's growing still and sometimes doesnt look interested at his feeding time and will let it sit before he finally eats it because he's starving and he has no other choice. Is there anything better than what im giving him now?? I want him to gain a lil muscle mass and weight too so what foods can i give him for that? Can i get him on a diet or feed him the same food a human body builder would eat??? Guys help a fellow out and give me legit, rational, and well thought out comments that answer my question please!!! OH! and thro in foods that will improve his coat or joints or anything health and appearance wise also. Appreciate it the help Thanks

Answer on Whats the best thing i could feed my 7 mos old puppy?

Below are two links to why you should be feeding your dog Holistic dog foods..Most dog food (especially by purina) is crap. going to a raw diet or Holistic is best..they have no dyes, fillers, gluten's, corn, or wheat.All of those are bad for your dog..please read the links and pick a good brand for you dog..Ours are on Blue Buffalo and Canidae. They cost more but eat less because they get full.. and stay full..also for snacks we give our dogs fresh or cooked veggies..No biscuits as they all contain wheat.

Where can i watch spartacus 2004 film online?

ive looked threw alot of websites, megavideo the link i found was removed, others i had to install other things, and otherones i had to pay, is there anywhere where i can watch it for free online without having to install anything at all ?

Answer on Where can i watch spartacus 2004 film online?

http://www.graboi?.com has Spartacus, their database is huge.