Saturday, April 23, 1994

How do i lose the stomach from having a baby?

I had a baby 20 months ago. Its been a down hill battle since than with my weight. Before i had him, i was 118 lbs i am 5 foot 1 inches. I am now 158 lbs same height.... i am only 23 years old. I been dieting. i got most of my body toned from walking and exercising...BUT one spot is giving me problems. My stomach. Its skin, i know that has to be fixed with surgery. I want the muscles underneath to be flat like they were before I had my son. When i was pregnant my son he ripped my stomach muscles in half, so its been a problem to get back to the flatness i LOVED so much. I love being a mommy, just hate the mommy stomach. I been dieting and exercising, just can't fit this damn stomach. any advice?

Answer on How do i lose the stomach from having a baby?

Crunches and I mean alot of them. I am 39 have three kids and I am also 5'1, my second daughter stretched my stomach and I had loose skin. To lose the weight and fat in that area you have to do cardio... fast walking, running , or aerobics... sorry that's the only way to lose the fat. To tone you have to target the muscles in that area which are really hard to reach through regular sit ups. I have used Denise Austin since i was 17 and after 3 pregnancies.. I swear by her target area workouts.. She has multiple workouts that target just the stomach. I use her ROCK HARD abs that consist of 3 15 minute session on crunches. I started by doing the first fifteen min until I felt I could go on (usually in about a month) then I would do a full 30 minutes of crunches until I reached a point where I was doing the whole 45 min workout all at once three or four times a week. Her workout consist of moves that help target the hard to reach places from having a baby and even a c-section(which i had at 34 with my last child) some of the moves are difficult at first but they really do work. I am back to my regular 125 pounds and look and feel great for my age!