Sunday, April 29, 2012

LGBT: do you consider Nicki Minaj to be a gay icon?

I don't to be honest. She is very sexual like Lady Gaga, but in a different way. As a straight guy, I'm attracted to her, but in no way to Lady Gaga. Nicki Minaj is sexual in the way that she emphasizes her large breasts and booty, lol.

What is your thoughts on this concept?

Answer on LGBT: do you consider Nicki Minaj to be a gay icon?

A lot of gay guys like her, but that doesn't make her a gay icon. She really hasn't done anything for the LGBT community.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lion head rabbits question...?

okay so i am thinking about getting a lion head rabbit and i have alot of questions..

1. What brands of foods are the best for pellets and timothy hay?
2. What kind of vitamins are required in their diet?
3. How much should i feed them every day?
4. How often should they get treats?
5. What size cage should i get? (since its a small bunny)
6. How often should i clean/freshen its cage? (indoor cage)
7. How can i make the cage more entertaining? what toys can i put in it? (please be specific)
8. Is it best to litter train it?
9. Is it best to spay/neuter it? if it is how much does it cost?
10. How should i bunny proof my house?
11. What are some common health problems in rabbits?
12. What gender of rabbit has the most layed back personality?
13. What is the personality of the lion head rabbit?
14. Do they need things to chew on? are their teeth constantly growing like rodents?

sorry if this is alot but i want to take good care of my rabbit! thanks to everyone who anwers this(=

Answer on Lion head rabbits question...?

you should consider breaking up your questions. There is a lot here and people don't want to have to answer all of this on one page. Plus, you have a lot of common questions that other people have too. You should check out what other people have asked and I bet your answers will be there.

If you would like you can call me and I will answer all of the questions that I can answer for you. My phone number is on my "contact us" page on my website. Martin's Bunnies.

Good luck

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

AM I FAT?????????????????????????????????

A typical day is..
Morning-(a bowl of grapes) or (2 hard boiled egg w/o yellow part and 1/2 cup of cabbage or less) or (A serving size of Koshi heart healthy cereal w/ organic milk) or (a bowl of pasta) and sometimes I have a bowl of grapes with one of the breakfasts.
Lunch-(a small cup of soup with a bagel and a tsp of creamecheese and a small amount of strawberries with added sugar)or a (bagel with a 1/4 cup serving of macaroni salad and sugar added strawberries 1/4 cup or peach pear stuff) what they serve at lunch at the healthiest.
Liquids-(water all day usual tap[tap is good quality not fluoridated and comes from underground]) and some days (V8 witch is 50cal per serving and its pureed vegetables)
Snacks-when I get home I usual have a (1-4 servings bowl of grapes with other fruit) and/or (1-3 servings...if no fruit in the house 2-6 Koshi cereal milk less)
Dinner-(bowl of soup)or (pasta with sauce piled on the plate because my mom cooks too much damn pasta and I eat most of it) or (less pasta but still a lot with meatballs) or (steak with baked potato that's actually baked not microwaved) or (organic canned rice and beans with peeper stuffed)
-One fault is I eat snacks late-
-I almost never touch touch junk food unless its cookies but i only eat home cooked cookies-
-I eat a lot but the foods are usually the same-
-this covers a weekday food schedule-

Weekend Scedeual
Breakfast-(none when I wake up late)or(same as weekdays)
Lunch-(pasta w/tsp sauce and a pinch organic butter)or(a bowl of soup)/or(koshi cereal a bowl no milk) or(a bowl of grapes) or(a bowl of grapes with other fruits) or (3 or 4 glasses of V8)or (koshi cereal bowl with 3 or 4 glasses of V8) or (some cabbage)
Dinner-(same as weekdays)
snack-(same as weekdays but it varies more)

okay that's my diet.

Now for exercise.

I walk to all 9 high school classes.
I go to track for 2 hours.(depending on the day I face extreme temps and run around the track 2 times and do drills and depending on the day I either do more running/drills or stand for an hour and throw+ heaving balls or disks while stretching and occasionally running/jogging a bit)
at home i usually sit on the computer from 5:00-12:30 or watch a toddler for 20min-2hrs on some occasional days.

As for medical stuff
when i was 12, 5'3 I weighed 193
I found out I had hypothyroidism which is an extremely slow metabolism
and ever since taking the pills I lost weight.

Miscellanies- I drink 2cups-8cups a day and im trying to drink more water,
I'm trying to eat more veggies
I poop 1nce a day, sometimes none, sometimes twice
I sleep about 7hrs on schooldays and 10hrs+ on weekends
I'm a health food fanatic and hope to be a dietitian(or nanny)

And as for my height and weight I weigh 168lbs am 5'3 and 14 years old with a medium frame

Answer on AM I FAT?????????????????????????????????

If you have hypothyroidism no matter what you are going to have issues with weight. You aren't fat, and it's not really your fault. At this point, you are overweight, but it sounds like your steadily losing weight at a healthy and normal rate for someone with your condition. If you keep taking your meds, working out like you have, and eating as you do, the weight should continue to come off.

I have an under active thyroid as well, it took me four years to get into a healthy range, and I got comfortable and stopped working out for a year. Now, I have to lose twenty pounds. Stay with your program. This needs to be your lifestyle from now on.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Poll: Do i look like.....??

I already asked this question and i only got sarcasm so This is my REAL picture i JUST TOOK!!

Answer on Poll: Do i look like.....??

Maybe even better!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Reaissance homework QUESTION! Please help me!?

Why did the Renaissance start in Italy? How did the Renaissance spread? Thanks!

Answer on Reaissance homework QUESTION! Please help me!?

It started in italy because the king wouldnt allow some people to live like normal people and it spread as more and more kinds liked the idea of haveing seperate classes sevents merchants low class middles class and the imperials witch were family of the royal family

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eminem Or Lil Wayne ?

Personally i dont think Lil Wayne can even compare to Eminem... I just cant even believe the audacity of comparing the two but it has become a big debate on my facebook status... I also think Lil Wayne is a dumbass and cant freestyle to save his life... And he's always rapping about bitches and money... Another thing, is it me or is he still holding on to the rockstar dream? Has he even written an actual meaningful song IDK i dont buy his albums... I also think he is very ignorant... So whats your opinion... Oh and dont be rude

Answer on Eminem Or Lil Wayne ?

I agree with your first sentence! Lmao (:

Why is my stomach sticking out? (Took a laxative)?

I haven't been going regularly to the bathroom for the past 2 months so I took a laxative early sunday morning at 12.00am. Soon after it started to kick in... I went many trips to the bathroom, but not much came out. I felt bloated and my stomach was even sticking out more than usual. Keep in mind that I was on the same diet. It is now Tuesday and when I look at my stomach I notice that it is still sticking out.... Why is this? Could I have some kind of blockage? I'm still not going much.

Answer on Why is my stomach sticking out? (Took a laxative)?

Perhaps your colon is packed with rock hard waste that won't budge.

Perhaps you might need to resort to an enema as a last resort if nothing else works.

Castor oil is a very powerful laxative and is only suitable for a one-off occasion and should never be used on a regular basis.

A blockage in the system is certainly a possibility.